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Writers love the public library

I love the public library. I remember going with my mother quite often when I was a child. Now I can see the impact of me doing that with my children, so I do. In fact, we checked out a whopping 23 books during our last trip.

Not only can I go online and put a hold on books I want to read AND the public library will literally go pull them off the shelf and have them all waiting up front for me like I'm picking up a carryout pizza order ... I have recently discovered the Libby app.

Game changer.

Since everything is bigger in Texas, that includes drive time to get places. With the Libby app, I no longer care about length of commute. In fact, the longer the better because I can listen to more books via the Libby app and Apple Car Play. Best inventions ever. I just read the Tattooist of Auschwitz, currently reading the Wright Brothers, and a couple of weeks ago finished The Lost Family. That's three books I wouldn't have had discretionary time to sit down and read without the Libby app.

God bless the public library and technology.

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