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Love this quote. There's truth to it.

Writers experience things and write about it. Writers dream about things and write about it. Writers love to tell stories and write about it. It's what we do.

Each person has a passion for something. Mine is writing, and I love it.

This quote makes me look at books differently. As in what inspired the author to write it? Where was she when she wrote it? What did she feel as she wrote it? How did the words flow from her mind to shape a story? How did her words make other people feel? What did her words make other people think?

Writing is so personal and freeing. It's a journey. It's a passion.

Even if you aren't a writer, I hope you're a reader who likes to be carried away by a story. The stories you read, even if fiction, may be true stories from a writer's soul. That's up to the writer to share, and the reader to consider.

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