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When Things Were Less Complicated

I just want to write. Like dream up stories, and write. I remember having a notebook and writing by hand. I like old school. It feels real. Raw. Simple.

But things have become sooooo hard. And complicated. You can't just write. You have to format. And do SEO. And self-market. And take preventive measures for hate. Don't forget Social Media.

It. Is. Exhausting.

I just want to write.

But I'm sure other creative professionals or those pursuing their passions feel the same way. I'm sure NASCAR drivers just want to race. I doubt they really love chatting with sponsors or posing for pics with random people all the time. I mean, they'd rather be in the car racing, right?

But, that's part of it. Whatever your passion is, there's more. Unless you're Barbra Streisand, and then you can have people do that for you. I'm just not there yet. And even then, I may be a little Type A (a lot) like most of my female characters. I want things done a certain way. So I do them. Know what I mean?

Still, I so long to just sit down and write. So, the solution is to block out that time for just writing. And then block out time for marketing. So I'm hopping off this blog (and onto that red Vespa) to just write for a bit.

Then I'll market. Find stock images. And do Social Media, etc.


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