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Today is Barbra Streisand's birthday. Know I am not easily starstruck. She may be the only person I'd ask for an autograph.

I don't think she's bossy, but I do think she's a boss. She's a boss by having done what she set out to accomplish. She's a boss because she is creative and seeks perfection in her art. She's a boss because she didn't let negative people stop her path to awesomeness.

I admire that.

When you want to achieve what others tell you can't be done, you have to switch into boss mode. I fully believe in the power or determination, unwavering will, and perseverance. The only person who can stop you is often you. Let negativity and mediocrity drive you to achieve your dreams. Never look back and wonder, "what if?" Instead, look back and know you worked hard, that it wasn't easy, that it hurt like hell, and at times almost broke you. But now, now you can breathe and smile and relish in the moment of "I did what they said couldn't be done."

Another lady boss I love is Amelia Earhart. My favorite quote from her is: Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done.

If there's a boss in your life you admire, tell them. Ask if they will mentor you. Observe them. Study what they do to achieve boss status. You can be a boss. Don't ever give up and keep going even when it hurts. Get past the pain to enjoy the victory.

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