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Writers are Readers

Writers are readers. Some readers are writers. Instead of Netflix, I binge heavy on writing. Then I binge heavy on reading. I suppose I could alternate between the two, but I become so immersed in either writing or reading, it's hard to get in and out of either zone. It works for me.

Since #Storge, Book 4 of The Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Series came out, I've been doing lots of reading. While it was a good challenge to release a book every six months for the past two years, I welcomed the past few months to get my reading fix. I even cinched a free digital printing coupon for completing my local library's summer reading program challenge. My current to-be-read book stack is sitting at seven books, three of which I'm reading simultaneously. I've read several back-to-back that I couldn't put down. Those are fun to read. I love getting hooked until the last page, the sign of an amazing book.

Reading is also how I do research for my own next books. I like to study my craft by analyzing other authors, especially those books that reeled me in tightly.

I'm excited to see where things go from here. Reading and writing. I plan to do a lot of both.

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