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Spiritual Warfare

Last year was immaculate. I mean, everybody and their brother complained about 2016, and I'm over here like, "best year ever."

I wholeheartedly admit it was the best year ever because the Lord made it that way.

He gave me respite when I had two books coming out (in the same year). Respite desperately needed following a parent's difficult health situation that proved to be all-consuming for multiple months (while working full time, writing, and taking care of my own family). Respite after taking a long journey to China to get our daughter and all the adjustments that followed with our return to the USA. Oh how respite was needed from adversity -- any and all kinds -- in 2016. The Lord knows our family. We are independent, Type A introverts. He knows what we need, and when we need it.

Now, respite didn't mean I kicked back with a Shirley Temple on a beach somewhere. I took time off when we got back from China, you know, because that's what moms do after they have babies, so kind of makes sense to do that when you adopt a toddler too. Again, I wasn't over at Sonic taking advantage of their Happy Hour every afternoon (wait, actually, I was, because that was the only way I could get my daughter into a nap routine). Transitioning a little human being who speaks another language to a new culture who doesn't speak said language is a bit of a challenge. Even though life wasn't exactly a breeze in 2016, I felt such a peace. We'd waited three years to be matched with our daughter, and it happened ... the same year my first two books were scheduled to be published, which I'd waited nine years to happen. Regardless of the volume of stuff our family had going on, it felt like Moses had parted the sea to remove barriers for us. I felt that way through the end of the year.

Then, 2017 came to town.

That's when the invisible shield seem to drop and we were targets for just annoying inconveniences. I realized this was nothing more than spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare attempts to divert your focus, frustrate you, set you back. Don't let it. Sometimes you may be unable to stop the disruptions, but don't let it discourage you. There is a plan for your life, and if you're meant to be doing something specific, a way will be made.

So, we're armored up. When crappy things happen, like a kid getting sick or the microwave breaks, well, I just pause, say, bring it on, and move on because I got a dang good life tour guide.


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