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Timing is everything.

I always knew I wanted to write. In order to be a writer, you have to write.

So, I wrote.

I got impatient when my publishing career wasn't launching when I thought it should, so I just kept writing. Now that I have publishing contract, I look back and realize, I had to go through some stuff in which to have certain material to write about. If I wanted to write the books I wanted to read, I had to live life a little. While I write fiction, it's still real fiction. I don't write paranormal, fantasy, or historical romance. I write contemporary, inspirational romance based on real life.

So, if you're trying to publish a book, and it hasn't happened yet, maybe what you're supposed to write about hasn't come to you yet because you haven't experienced it yet.

Timing is everything.

P.S. I love The Goonies

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