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My Writer Treadmill Desk

Yessssss. It only took me until Book 4, #Storge, in The Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Series, to execute this most awesome, and functional Treadmill Desk, essential for the writer who doesn't want "Baby Got Back" to be her theme song.

I Googled Treadmill Desks and my goodness, buying one is ludicrous (not the rapper). Super expensive. When I found this blog post, I knew my cost-conscious husband could and would build this for me. It cost a little more than $20, more like $40, but that's still a far cry from $500 to $1,500 for a fancy manufactured one I wouldn't like as well as this one anyway.

I walked about 1.5 miles per hour, and ended up walking two miles while I wrote about five pages. I look forward to many more hours spent multitasking in the future. Writing and walking, walking and writing, and listening to my characters' playlists in iTunes. #Heaven

This Treadmill Desk is the absolute bomb for writers. #SoExcited

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