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Writers who complete a novel are tough. Writers who market a completed novel and overcome rejections are tougher. Writers who persevere through rejections to sell a book to a publisher are toughest. Writers who earn positive and even negative reviews on their published book are Gold medalists.

Writing is not an easy journey. It takes relentless dedication and pursuit of an ongoing dream up steep mountains, through low valleys, and sometimes across vast, flat land for a long time. Writers who love writing will keep going despite obstacles, hate, and discouragement. Writers who love writing will always write, no matter what.

If you're newly on the writing journey, keep going. One day at a time. If you're in the middle of your journey, don't look back. Keep looking forward and continue to improve. If you're a veteran writer, you know what it takes to make it happen. Don't give up or doubt yourself.

When you read a good book, don't keep feedback to yourself. Leave the author a review on Amazon or other publishing storefront where you purchased the book. Leaving reviews helps other readers searching for a similar topic or author find books more easily.

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