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Wedding Planning and Marching Band

Y'all should see my tan. Some women pay serious $$ for a tan like this. While I do have a serious case of farmer's tan, I can deal. If I didn't have Brad, I may have to put a profile on, hahahaha.

We've had so much rain in Radtown this summer, making it kind of difficult to march outside, on top of humidity so thick my Suburban couldn't cut through it. Marching band is NOT for sissies. Whew! We're surviving tho. Thankfully RHS has a great gym we turned into a makeshift football field so the students could master their steps to the show. The football coaches know better than to give me a hard time anymore. I think they're seeing the light that my marching band may just outperform their team. I promise not to rub it in when we do.

My endometriosis is more manageable these days. My new doctor is trying different holistic things with me, and I'm completely on board with the direction she's going. Don't get me wrong, I'm still having a lot of pain at times, but I'm hopeful. Having hope and faith has changed my attitude a lot about this chronic pain.

I'm playing my sax down at a new little restaurant this weekend. Just me and my alto sax with low lighting and candles. Perfect inspiration for this musician. I love that my students will probably overfill the venue. I wouldn't have it any other way. They need to see their teacher is passionate about music and didn't just stop when I graduated. Sure it's my career, but it's my absolute love, hobby, passion, and main creative outlet.

Our wedding planning is coming along. Whenever I have a break during the school day I'm on Pinterest and wedding sites. I can't wait to marry my best friend!! Follow my wedding board to see the things Brad, well, mainly I like.

If you're in Radtown, come to a game on Friday night to see our show. Who doesn't like a little GNR and Beyonce?

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