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Thy Will

Driving home I flipped through channels and stopped on a Christian station programmed in my radio. The alto voice sounded familiar. So did the name. But those lyrics ... oh my goodness.

The song: Thy Will

The singer: Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott is the female singer in the country band Lady Antebellum. Her mom is Linda Davis, who sang backup for Reba McEntire for years and was also the other half of the duet song, "Does He Love You."

This is a solo project. I love Hillary's voice. . She was rejected twice on American Idol. Writers can relate, right? But all it takes is one person -- one -- to believe in your work and see your potential. What if Hillary had stopped on her journey to achieving her dream?

We wouldn't have this song, that's what!

While I can totally relate to this song on a personal level, it hit me that this song is SO Emily.

Emily is my heroine in Philia, Book One of The Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Series. Emily is a control freak, and I could totally see her blasting this song in her candy apple red Suburban, with tears streaming down her face as she struggles on her journey.

"Sometimes I gotta stop

And remember that you're God

And I am not ..."

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