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The Mystery of Timing


Timing. It's a mystery.

I knew at 15 writing was my thing. It's what I studied in college. It's what I wanted to do professionally. It took me five years into my professional working career to get on that path exclusively. After achieving that goal, I set a new one: get published. That goal took me nine years.

So here I am.

While I'm thankful my path to publication was long, as I learned a lot, stretched my creativity, and improved my craft, there are other things on my life journey that aren't quite as clear cut in regard to timing.

There are other goals I waited exceptionally long stretches of time to achieve when I felt like I could be doing something to speed it up. While I do sometimes have ants in my pants and like to feel productive, now I can look back and see that God's timing has always been perfect. Even when I wasn't physically accomplishing something, the stage was being set in the background. And sometimes it wasn't about me being ready. It was about all the other stars aligning to achieve that perfect plan.

Age brings wisdom. So does learning to accept the wait and timing. Don't compare your life timing to anyone else. There's a reason why things work out in the time they do. While it may not be when you want it to happen, chances are there's a bigger reason for when it truly does come true. Even then, it may not be exactly as you dreamed it to be. Sometimes it's even better.

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