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I love Libby and Audio Books

Christie Gibson writer loves audio books

If you live in a big city or even in the suburbs but then commute to a city, you know what it's like to spend a lot of time in a car. With my love of the public library, I have absolutely fallen more in love with Libby. While I'm driving, I listen to books via the Libby app and get SO many books read, uh, listened to.

I've discovered that audio books are not just a way to have an alternative to sitting in a cozy chair while reading with your eyes, rather audio books give the reader a brilliant opportunity to hear someone act out the dialogue. This has really made certain books all the more enjoyable.

Recording an audio book requires the use of a person not only with a great voice but perhaps one that can do multiple voices when reading from the POV of both males and females. And let's say there is more than one female character, being able to distinguish slightly between them so the reader understands who is speaking in the story is key.

I look forward to reading/hearing more books -- for FREE -- from the library. Awesome.

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