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Feeling it or not feeling it

Releasing one book every six months over a two-year period wore me out. I've enjoyed not having the pressure of deadlines and discipline of editing during the past year. Now that my series is complete, I have to discover that next book. I surprised myself by reading and loving a lot of historicals, but I'm not sure I want to venture into that space of writing because there are a lot of people who prey upon details and nuances of time periods. There are enough haters in the world, so not going there, plus I'm happy just being a reader at this time.

Things can always change though.

I believe most writers are introverts, but we have to extrovert for promotion, networking, and teaching purposes, but the older I get the less I like to force myself to be an ambivert. I'm really happy as an introvert and the whole reason I love to write is because I can immerse myself deep into introversion. It's once the book is written that I don't really enjoy the process. I honestly don't like promoting myself or my stories, but I also recognize that's just part of it.

So, right now I want to feel it, but I'm not feeling it. I'm not a self-published author and never intend to be. I'm all about writing a marketable story that someone wants to pay me for. Therefore, I cannot crank out a book constantly the way self-pubbed authors do. Kudos to them for having that ability and discipline. It's not natural for me to do so, and I'm kinda all about the natural art.

So, cheers to the writers elsewhere like me who have to feel it to write it.

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