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Storge - Book 4

Gillian was a fun character to write because she was a bad girl in book 1, Philia. In book 4, Storge, readers get to see a more vulnerable side of Gillian. Every bad girl has a story for why she is the way she is. I love Gillian's story. It's painful, unfortunate, yet redemptive. While I never played basketball, every woman has a passion, so it was interesting to write about hers. She was also salutatorian of her class, which was fun to write. Just because you're a smart person doesn't mean you're free from making sometimes large life mistakes.

In Storge, Gillian tries to put her past behind her, but it keeps haunting her in more ways than one. She focuses on her future but has to wrap up some dangling ends so she can finally, finally move forward to become the woman God intended her to be.

I hope you enjoy this last book in the Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Series!

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